We are More than a Number
We Are More Than a Number
We believe in the rehabilitation and reform of those serving time. We are still human beings with worth, who should not be defined forever by their past failures and decisions. Everyone has room for growth and the ability to change.
People are more than their incarceration. Everyone knows someone doing time, support them during their incarceration. Help us as we try to change the narrative. We are still people, still loved, still more than a number.
Why the Barcode?
The barcode stands for the fact that the Men and Women locked up are being reduced to just a number. The judicial system says the incarceration is to rehabilitate the "offender' and to prepare them to re enter into society. If that is factual then why such long sentences? Why such harsh punishments? Especially when many of these Men and Women are wrongfully convicted of things they are being accused of, however they are becoming productive in an environment that is not conducive to their growth, which means they are enduring adversity and still choosing to do the right things. Choices were made to get that person to where they are, but it should not define them forever.
Missouri Prisoner’s Newsletter – Volume 1
Reformed Men Sentenced to Life Without Parole Seek a Second Chance
October 2021
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